How to make the spiky-head gate-crasher earn his keep

Coronavirus has hit the world quite hard, lives are being lost; social, political and economic dynamics of the world are being transformed, and the most personal aspect to almost all of us: our livelihoods are being compromised. when it hit, we dismissed it as an intruder crashing our party for a minute or two, but when world-scale quarantines emptied the streets, and our store aisles for longer than we could afford, the reality hit home: sounds like it’s here to stay, so it’s going to empty our bank accounts too, if we don’t get on top of it fast. How? We need to spend little time mourning, and get busy thinking of how to cut our losses and get back in the game. While it was nice to get up and go to work, now it’s time to get up and go to our computers, and tend to our business, online. Yes, the constructive stage of corona business crisis management is taking our business online as fast and best we can. Here’s three reasons why it’s such a brilliant idea.

1. Let technology turn evil to opportunity: coronavirus, a painful nudge

All the pandemics striking mankind since the beginning of history have had two things in common: massive deaths, and large-scale financial ruin, causing many businesses to go under. But in 21st century, the latter doesn’t have to be the case, since technology has blessed us with the internet. Seeing how vital internet can be for business success, we can see how the quarantined, coronavirus-stricken world can even be the necessary evil, giving us a push to join the bandwagon. How so?

Why the scary elephant in the room can be a friend to business dinosaurs.

Many business owners haven’t acknowledged the need , and thus neglected to take their business online to stay successful, relying heavily on their brick and mortar, and not realizing why an online store is a must in modern times. Statistics show that less and less people make the decision what to buy and who to buy it from in the actual shop. They search for it online, comparison-shop, contrast different brands offering the same commodity, read reviews, and they make the decision where to take their business, online. And then some of them order things online too, and some others make the trip down to the store on the street. Now that coronavirus has omitted or shrunk the latter as an option, it can be an opportunity to further boost your business online. But how?

2. Double cream recipe: save AND boom your business, in one fell swoop.

We all loved our stores, it made us a living, a social life, and a sense of activeness, but almost like all the pre-technology concepts, it has deep-seating limitations, that if we look at with an open mind, will open our eyes to how online stores are even better alternatives:

24-hour online shops vs. 12-hour online shops.

When you count on the day hours to sell your product or services, you have a 9–9 window of opportunity, tops; but with people at home all day and awake at all hours, your shop can be open for them to order from, 24 hours.

Take away return multiplied, by saving costs of a traditional store

The money we make by running a store or business is what is left after deducting expenses like rent, utility bills, transport, and personnel. Running your business online saves you thousands, and leaves you with a far fuller pocket.

More time online: more free advertising exposure.

Many people are already quite internet-dependent, they spend a lot of time on line .Now that people have to say home, avoiding contraction or spread of coronavirus, imagine what having a digital gallery in the form of an entertaining, engaging, informative website and applications can do for your advertisement, with an even larger audience, bored, looking for distraction, and with a lot of time to kill.

They HAVE TO do business online: an opportunity to build your brand.

When we can’t go out to run errands , we have to do our shopping online, which means many more people typing the keyword of your business online, and logging on to your websites and social media platforms; which, in turn means a higher SEO ranking, and a unique opportunity to build your brand once and for all. People come to buy a pair of socks, you land them as a loyal life-time customers of your entire line of clothes, shoes, and accessories, by a well-designed website, and application, which is what our experts, here at Apptech specialize in.

3. We will be doing the three socially responsible things in the times of crisis

When there is a collective crisis, after taking care of ourselves, or sometimes even before it, we need to take care of our fellow human beings, have a sense of community and do our social duty. But how can taking our business online be the socially responsible thing to do with a world struggling with the coronavirus pandemic?

Keep people quarantined, by helping them meet their needs at home

By offering you products and services online, people won’t have to go out looking to run their essential errands, or feel frustrated and deprived by not having what they need doable, shoppable, and deliverable at their homes. So you will be helping a lot with containment of the deadly virus and providing necessities at the same time.

Help create jobs for many who have lost theirs

With businesses closed, many people have lost their jobs. If we keep running our business online, we will help create jobs in the production, packaging, delivery and infrastructure industries, and thus resuscitate at least part of the economy. We can even inspire many people with lost jobs who feel hopeless not knowing how to make a living, to see taking their business online as a solution, and get the economy going this way, too.

Keep making money and help those who can’t

One of the biggest and most obvious aspects of being socially responsible in times of mass disaster is helping people out financially, but in order to do that we need to be making money ourselves. We can help by donating money, or even give discounts , just like we are doing , here at Apptech : we design ultra-user-friendly, streamlined websites, from A to Z , ad a build a well-rounded business profile for you online, with a 30 percent discount, to help give you a leg-up, and this way ,carry our weight in the post-corona world.



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